Advertising Alliance

1. Overview

The Global Advertising Alliance is an advertising alliance that gathers major online platforms to provide advertisers with broader and more effective brand exposure opportunities. We will join forces with multiple platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, Web Group, Telegram, Zalo, Twitter, Messenger, Dcard, WeChat, Line, TikTok, LinkedIn, VK, Discord, Pinterest, OK, Zhihu, Tumblr, PPGames, Snapchat, etc., through multiple platforms Channel advertising to achieve brand promotion goals on a global scale.

2. Cooperation content and strategy

● Platform selection:

We will combine the above major platforms, covering major social media, video sharing platforms, discussion forums and instant messaging tools on the Internet to ensure comprehensive and diverse brand exposure.

● Positioning strategy:

Based on the user characteristics and advantages of different platforms, we will formulate exclusive positioning strategies. For example, for video platforms such as YouTube, Instagram and TikTok, we will use creative video ads to attract users; for instant messaging tools such as Twitter, Messenger and WeChat, we will use short copy and image ads to increase the exposure of the ads. and click-through rate.

● Content creation:

We will create differentiated content based on the preferences and characteristics of users on each platform. From brand stories, product introductions to fun interactions, user preferences will be fully taken into account to increase the click-through rate and conversion rate of ads.

● Precise targeting:

Through the data analysis tools provided by the platform, we will implement precise targeted advertising to ensure that ads are only delivered to the target audience and improve the effectiveness and ROI of advertising.

● Instant optimization:

We will pay close attention to the effectiveness of advertising and conduct data analysis and optimization at any time. Based on user feedback and advertising effects, ad content and delivery strategies are adjusted in a timely manner to ensure the best results of advertising delivery.

● Cooperation cost:

We will provide a variety of advertising plans and price options based on advertisers' needs and budgets to ensure maximum cost-effectiveness of advertising.

3. Expected effects

Through the strategic cooperation of the Global Advertising Alliance, we expect to achieve the following results:

Brand exposure has been greatly improved, fully covering the target audience. Advertising click-through rates and conversion rates are significantly increased, improving brand awareness and sales performance. Improve user engagement and brand loyalty, and promote long-term brand development.

4. Conclusion

The Global Advertising Alliance will provide advertisers with the most effective and cost-effective advertising solutions, and achieve rapid development and long-term stable growth of brands on a global scale through multi-channel and differentiated advertising. We look forward to working with you to create a better advertising future!